Building Commissioning Services

Commissioning activities can be broadly classified in to four major steps. These are design phase, pre commissioning phase, commissioning phase and post commissioning phase which is also termed as Enhanced commissioning.

Design Phase Activities

a. Develop Owner's Project Requirements
b. Review and use of lessons-learned information from previous projects
c. Verify Basis of Design document with the Owner's Project Requirement
d. Review design documents & incorporate commissioning requirements into
    construction document.
e. Develop initial commissioning plan
 f. Develop Measurement & Verification Plan
g. Prepare construction IAQ plan during construction & before occupancy.

Pre-Commissioning Phase

a. Update Commissioning Plan.
b. Verify Submittals, Owner's Project Requirements
c. Detailed Test Procedures & Data Forms
d. Verify that systems and assemblies comply with the Owner's Project Requirements
e. Prepare pre functional checklist & functional test procedures.
 f. Coordinate with contractors during installation for smooth commissioning process.

Commissioning Phase

a. Start up and initial check of all the equipments
b. Functional testing of equipments & systems
c. Preparation of system manual for operating staff
d. Training to operating personnel in the maintenance & & operation of the
e. Commissioned systems
 f. Complete Final Commissioning Process Report for the project

Post occupancy Phase (12 months)

a. Complete the outstanding issues pertaining to commissioning.
b. Monitor the building energy & water performance post occupancy for the period
    of 12 months.
c. Conduct & verify periodic performance evaluations of facility systems and assemblies
d. Complete enhanced commissioning report for the project