Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Fire, Smoke Simulation

1. Fire/Smoke Analysis (Transient Smoke Simulation)
2. Ventilation
     • Inlet/Exhaust Capacity (Interiors)
     • Jet Fan/ CO sensor Location (Car parks, Basements)
     • Species concentrations (Chemical Processes industry, Kitchens, Laboratories)

Evacuation Analysis

(Auditoriums, Cinema Halls, Banquet halls, Religious gatherings, malls/multiplex, Schools, hospital, Multi-story building Commercial /residential)

1. Disaster (Fire, Earthquake, etc.)
2. Exit Location, Size / capacity
3. Stairs Case, Location, Size / capacity and Numbers.

HVAC System Modeling

1. Indoor Air Quality
2. Atrium, Stadium and Tunnels ventilations Study
3. Comfort Analysis

Micro Climate Simulation

1. Heat Island Effect
2. Air-flow Study around the building
3. Building Envelope