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GEED is a Built Environment Consulting organization. We provide services in the domain of scientific computation, research and energy consultancy, The core areas of our specializations are Building Energy Simulation, HVAC System Modeling, Air Flow and Thermal Modeling, Analytical Design Assistance in Passive Architecture, Building Automation System, Continuous Commissioning, Fault Detection, Diagnostics, Intelligent Building Design, Buildings Preventive maintenance by Thermography and Short Terms Energy Monitoring (STEM)/ Auditing. These Services are provided to Architects , automation companies and facility management organizations Respectively. We have tied up with technical institution ,green building design firms and automation companies in India and abroad. Our Cradle to grave Energy Services are given below.

1. Simulations around elements of Building/Equipment Physics (Hourly or sub-hourly Simulation for greater understanding of Building or Equipments physics.)
2. Simulations for Compliance (Appendix G, ASHRAE 90.1 2004, ECBC)
3. Simulation for Building Controls/Energy Management Logics Testing (Designing of relevant controls in building, for shading, glare or comfort etc )
4. Calibrated Simulation of Existing Building (Investment grade model for Energy Performance contracts)
5. 1-D Air Flow network Coupled with Complete 3-D CFD Simulation. (Complete Building Models with Finite Volume coupled with 1-Dimnetional duct network.)
6. Data Center Air flow Optimizations and Annual Simulations. (Data center Air Management Planning and simulation for Energy and Life cycle performance)
7. Compute Intensive Building Physics Simulations. (This refers to multiple/parametric simulations where certain objective need to be achieved by iteratively updating the parameters from the previous results or terminating simulation in case not achieving objectives.)
8. Local Code Development Through Component LCC Evaluations (This is again a part of compute intensive, objective function simulations)
9. Software Application Development using Existing Simulation Engines.(Interface development for Various complex scientific calculation and quick formatted reporting to clients)
10. Occupant Egress Modeling by Agent Based Simulation frame works
11. Smoke propagation and NFPA compliances for Fire Safety as per NFPA 130
12. Tunnel Ventilation and Underground structure heat sink or Heat Load modeling.
13. Modeling for Toxin dispersal in a building
14. Traffics Simulations and Optimizations
15. Simulations for Dam break/Rains and Flooding on a given contour.
16. Indoor Air Quality/comfort modeling and simulations.
17. Natural ventilation Modeling through 1D node branch and 3D CFD methods

Testing & Commissioning Infrastructure

1 Thermography Instrument
Building envelop integrity testing ,HVAC & refrigeration diagnostics ,Plant and diagnostics ,Electrical fault detection, Power plant and cogeneration plant diagnostics and various other application related to thermal engineering
2 Total pressure analyzer
To measure the total pressure and testing of building envelop leakages. Testing static pressure for AHUs systems, Ventilation effectiveness etc.
3 RPM Measurement Device
To check installed electric motor sizing, Understanding slip and % loading etc.
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