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Testing & Commissioning Infrastructure (Cont..)

4 Ambient Temperature and Humidity Measurement Device
To understand internal comfort parameters and psychometrics. Indoor air quality and controls etc.
5 Infrared temperature Measurements Device
Used in evaluating the remote surface temperature. Such as roof temperature etc. Evaluation of radiant temperature and internal comfort
6 Concrete, Fabric and Wood Moister Analyzer
Analyze the inherent moisture in materials. Used in predicting fungal development and bad air quality.
7 Static Pressure analyzer
Used to measure the resistance in ducts, bends and subsequent energy losses
8 Lighting Level Measurements
Performing the lighting evaluation and design verifications, Lighting level determinations and Lighting audits
9 Duct Temperature Humidity Measurements
Used in creating air flow profile with in the HVAC ducts.
10 Duct Volume Flow Rate Measurement.
Used in determination of volume flow rate and air distribution system in circular or rectangular ducts.
11 Power , Energy & Harmonics Analyzer
Used in electrical diagnostics, energy, power factor and harmonics monitoring with non invasive techniques.
12 Green Building Commissioning Kit.
Includes mini data loggers and non destructive monitoring devices