Energy Modeling

  1. Appendix G ASHRAE 90.1 2004/2007 LEED Specific Simulations
  2. Option D, IPMVP 2010, Calibrated Energy Modeling
  3. ESTIDAMA Specific Simulation
  4. Energy Conservation Building Code India, ECBC Appendix B Benchmarking Simulations
  5. GRIHA Ratings Criterion 13 and 14 Specifc Simulations
  6. Building Design Optimizations and Passive Feature Simulations
  7. Building Integrated Renewable Energy Simulations Photovoltaic, Wind, Cogeneration and Tri-generation
  8. Building Automation System Testing on Building Control Virtual Test Bed (BCVTB) and EnergyPlus Integration
  9. Comprehensive Energy Modeling Training with DOE's Energy Plus & Open Studio Framework .