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Energy management industry is not identified as a matured industry, yet as only few, like the services Energy Service Companies (ESCO) offers are known to the market at this stage. This leaves a positive as well as a negative side to energy management services productisation. The positive side is to create a specific brand of services, which eventually the market knows in the future and the negative side will be a challenge of how to communicate and convince clients about these kind of services. In the following section we have tried to identify various possible services, which may come in continues commissioning and advanced energy management business. These services are grouped in terms of there logical installation and financial requirement for a specific facility.

Following are the broad classification of Energy Managemet Services that GEED can offer amongt its other value add services to the clients.

Development of Energy Information Dissemination System

This service has been devised for BAS Companies, where they are willing to demonstrate their capabilities in energy data analysis and reporting. The service visualizes the need of energy information system that can be integrated with the building automation and control and can be accessed from any where on the web for energy related information. Depending on the requirement and specification of clients, broadly three type of EIDS system can be recommended. This system varies in their depth of calculation and analysis complexities. The simplest system would only access the energy meters and few temperature sensor data and display it in different format and graphs with a small bit of analysis. The complete EIDS would be capable of storing, displaying, analyzing the data and if required generating alert and predictive alarm based on concept of advanced statistical or Neuro-fuzzy systems. This system is also expected to carry out automatics diagnostics of energy incident, Power flow monitoring and reporting rectification.

Energy Benchmarking

In the benchmarking service actual building Energy usage profile is studied and benchmarked against the standard benchmarking data or other similar buildings operational data. The benchmarking data is published by many organizations. These benchmark ranges from poor operations to the best operation, which are classified in these publications. The deliverable of this service is a report which includes all the necessary heads for benchmarking building operations with standard operations.

Energy Efficiency Advisory Services

Based on the observation, trends, standard benchmark figures, operating practice, type of equipments, loading characteristics and part load efficiencies some recommendations are made. These recommendations can serve in enhancing the overall performance of system. The deliverable of this service would be a package of information to the owners about the general health and conditions for building spaces.

Annual Energy Budgeting & Targeting

An energy model for the building is created by performing hourly energy simulation for the building. The energy metering data and the bills are used for energy trending and performing accurate calibration. This calibrated model is then used for creating an energy budget for the facility, which forms the target for energy consumption. The deliverable of this service will be a report which includes necessary heads for building energy budgeting and targeting

Energy Efficiency Mapping

This service has been designed to facilitate an online equipments efficiency auditing. This service requires a specific Setup of BMS. The BAS point definition take cares of all the necessary point needed to perform an energy audit these points would be directly streamed from the site through the controllers. Receiving end algorithm is used for generating all the needed indicators/indices to evaluate the health of the equipments. We call it Energy Efficiency Mapping services. The objective of this offering would be tracking each KWh fed to the building system. A graphical tree like interface developed in any frame work and compatible GUI would be made available online. On a push of a button it would have the capability to generate reports on various building equipments. This service is also a part of Life Cycle Cost (LCC) optimization for the facility assets etc

Energy Efficiency Measure & Retrofits

The results of energy audit reports, calibrated energy model and benchmark figure for the location and system design outputs make it possible to play with the building material, equipment and design alternatives to see the deviation in energy usage and system sizes. This exercise is generally helpful in pre-commissioning stage in selection of the construction material, insulation levels and type of glazing etc. Various possible energy conservation measures with associated cost are worked out and an optimum energy conservation measures are selected based on the life cycle costing. This would help owner to clearly differentiate the feasibility of proposed retrofits in the existing buildings.

Whole Building Energy Performance Metric Generation

This service falls in a very specialized grade of services where, specified hardware needs to be installed strategically to get a set of important data in the framework with a particular frequency. Logics and performance metric calculation function on the other hand will calculate and display the value add information on a special dashboard system. This service is very good for clients who have multiple facilities operation. It would help him identify compare and a sort of benchmark the operation of his facilities with a click of a button. This service is also very good in terms of utilization of incoming data which is not just logged but also utilized to generate a performance index and user needs not to scan through thousands of multiple data sets to get the right information, rather he will see the performance metric and would be able to guess the status of the facility in a easier way in a shorter time.

Grades of Services

Productisation of Various services is a very important aspect for corporate marketing purpose; Energy management on the other hand is a very diverse and emerging field. No market standard and recognition exist for such sets of services. This aspect makes this more interesting and important in terms of creating a brand value in the market with some of the specialize service like Continuous commissioning and Advanced Energy management, IAQ monitoring services or say Energy Performance Metrics dashboards etc. in the following section a list of possible services has been conceptualized and graded for incorporation in current value add offereing to PCs clients.

Grade 1 - Continuous Commissioning and Advanced Energy Management

This section list the specialized services, these requires very strategic point mapping and hardware installation, this can become a bit capital intensive, but the value add in this is the kind of information it can generate for any facility. This includes from monitoring of life cycle cost optimization to advanced fault detection and diagnostics system. Following will be the major components of such kind of specialized service.

1. Full Fledge Fault Detection and Diagnostics System (Deliverable: SMS , Emails)
2. Energy Information Dissemination System, (Deliverable: Dashboards)
3. Whole Building Energy Performance Metrics (Deliverable: Dashboards)
4. Alarm Management System (Monitoring Hubs)
5. Energy Benchmarking Services (Deliverable: Reports)
6. Energy Budgeting Targeting (Calibrated Energy Simulations)
7. Productivity and Health Monitoring (Zone wise Indoor Air Quality IAQ and Comfort Monitoring) (Deliverable: Dashboards, Monitoring Hubs)
8. Energy Efficiency Mapping (Major Equipment Efficiencies and Life cycle cost Monitoring)( Deliverable: Dashboards, Monitoring Hubs)
9. Energy Metering & Incident Analysis (Deliverable: Specialised Reports)
10. Energy Efficiency Advisory Services
11. Energy Efficiency Measures and Retrofits

Grade 2 - Energy Management and Energy Information Dissemination System

This can be considered as a generic services option, which should be opted for every facility if energy management has to be done. This also require a bit of strategic hardware etc. The components of this grade of service are listed below.

1. Energy Information Dissemination System, (Deliverable: Dashboards)
2. Alarm Management System. (Monitoring Hubs)
3. Energy Benchmarking Services (Deliverable: Reports)
4. Energy Metering & Incident Analysis (Deliverable: Reports)
5. Energy Efficiency Advisory Services
6. Energy Efficiency Measures and Retrofits

Grade 3 ?Non Specialized Operation

This is a Simple non hardware intensive services option and should be opted in non specialized operations in existing facilities, where budgets do not allow further investments in monitoring and verification etc.

1. Alarm Management System, (Monitoring Hubs)
2. Energy Benchmarking Services (Deliverable: Reports)
3. Energy Metering Analysis(Deliverable: Reports)
4. Energy Efficiency Advisory Services
5. Energy Efficiency Measures and Retrofits

Grade 4 ?Very Simple and minimal Operation

This type of service option is very simple in nature, it does not even requires a strategic sub-metering scheme in the facility, the analysis can be done only on half hourly energy data from the main meters. Minimul BMS specifications allows very specific alarm to be logged. This kind of service is not recommended for commercial building operations.

1. Alarm Management System (Monitoring Hubs)
2. Energy Benchmarking Services (Deliverable: Reports)
3. Energy Efficiency Advisory Services