Our key staff is highly qualified and have enough research and building industry experience to actually make a difference and give our clients the value add they need. Our core expertise are given below Building Energy Modeling Calibrated Energy Simulation (Consulting to ESCO Projects) HVAC and Air flow Modeling using Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD techniques Design of Smart Energy Management System. Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD). Sustainability Planning & Advisory Design of Net Zero Energy Building/Housing Complexes.

Utilization of waste heat in industrial processes, Cogeneration, Tri-generation System Feasibility Study Technology advice to select and relevant CDM projects and assist corporate houses for climate change response and mitigation. Apart from this we have tie up with technical institution, green building designing firms and automation companies in India and abroad. Calibrated Energy Simulation Based on the energy simulations the annual energy use is evaluated from the calibrated energy model. This energy use value can be considered as the billed energy use for the proposed building as this is usually as close as 5 % to the actual usage. These annual energy values are the source of Life cycle cost assessment for the building system and its component. These calculations also results in understanding of equipment replacement and overhauls. The energy model is created and simulations are performed for various cases. The breakup of all energy components is computed and compared with the different options of construction material, insulation, orientation, windows sizing, glazing and plant room efficiency measures.

After doing financial analysis the most feasible case in terms of cost (Net present worth, return on investment and payback period) is recommended for implementation. Over all the life cycle cost component of the building energy efficiency measure are thoroughly studied for the client. Simulation of design day for the particular location is carried out, which is helpful in calculating accurate heat load estimation and the transient thermal behaviour of the building including thermal lags and time of peak demands etc.

Presentations and Lectures

  1. Overview of Energy Analysis and Management (For Commercial and Residential Buildings) (View Presentation)
  2. Air Flow Simulation & Transient Thermal Behavior of JSW Head Quarter's Central Atrium Space at Mumbai, INDIA (View Presentation)
  3. Practical Significance of Life Cycle Cost Analysis & Use of CFD in Micro Climate Designing and Optimizing Building Cooling & Ventilation System (Program - Training for Trainers, CEPT University Ahmadabad INDIA (View Presentation)
  4. Significance of Sustainable development in an Infrastructure projects, Presented at Middle east center for sustainable development, Dubai UAE (View Presentation)
  5. Intelligent and Adaptive Automation, Presentation to Pacific Controls Systems, Dubai UAE (View Presentation)
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